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1 Red Square,
Tel: +7 959259253600

The name says it all. Even if the food were dismal -- which thankfully, it's not -- this would be a worthwhile visit just for the view and the atmosphere on Moscow's main plaza. From the top floor of the National History Museum on the north side of Red Square, you can enjoy a meal as you gaze directly across the cobblestone expanse leading to St. Basil's Cathedral on the opposite end. The museum's neo-Gothic turrets and the location's historical significance imbue the restaurant staff and the Russian clientele with a sense of national importance, which foreigners are more than welcome to share. The menu is appropriately Russian and traditional, including a re-creation of the "czar's menu" of a century ago. The emphasis is on fish and appetizers, though most dishes have a lighter touch than standard Russian restaurant fare. The delicate koulebiaka is a culinary feat of sturgeon blended with rice, cream, and spices, carefully baked inside a flaky pastry. The appetizer (zakuski) menu has several versions of fish or meat in aspic, and vegetarian options such as mushrooms on toast. Sample one of the home-brewed liqueurs such as kedrach, made with pine nuts -- it's strange but satisfying. Musicians play traditional Russian stringed instruments some evenings; other evenings a soft jazz ensemble takes over.
Cuisine: Russian
Ambience: Formal Fine Dining
Special: spectacular location

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